Ukishima Diary

August 2003


Sunday 31st August, "Ready for Tomorrow"
MOnday 26th August, "Anual Meeting of Iwate British Society"
Sunday 25th August, "Bobby's Interest"
Saturday 24th August, "Family Mashita' Going Home"
Friday 23rd August, "'Todor and Dani's Going Home"
Saturday 22nd August, "G4!"
Power Mac G4/1.25Ghzhas arrived. 180GHard Disk, Super Drive, and Ultra SCSI Board. Not as fast as G5, but pritty enough for me just now. PM8500hasbeen my main maschine for over 7years, and now he can retire happily and spend the rest of life as children's game maschine...(HK)
Thursday 22nd August, "John and Inger's Going Home"
Wedensday 21st August, "Unvailing Sculpture and Fairwell Party"

Tuesday 20th August, "Piece Finished in Time!"

Monday 19th August, "The Day After"
Sunday 18th August, "Ukishima Garden Party"

Saturday 17th August, "Setting Sculptue Day3- ISS 2003 progress report"
Friday 15th August, "Setting Sculptue Day2 - ISS 2003 progress report"
Wedensday 13th August, "Setting Sculptue Day1 - ISS 2003 progress report"
Sunday 10th August, "ISS 2003 progress report"
Saturday 9th August, "Digital Camera and Tanabata in Sendai"
Thursday 7th August, "Aomori!"
Wedensday 6th August, "Aomori!!"
Tuesday 5th August, "ISS 2003 progress report"
monday 4th August, "Invited to the Supper by Mr. and Mrs. Tamura"
Sunday 3rd August, "Invited to the Party by Dr. Sakai"
Saturday 2nd August, "My Parents visited"
Friday 1st August, "Sansa Odori"

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